Monday, August 1, 2016

Wildlife Art Insect, Nature, Butterfly "BLUE MORPHO BUTTERFLY" The Art of Nature, Fine Art by Mindy Lighthipe

The Blue Morpho Butterfly is one of the biggest butterflies found in tropical rainforest in Central and South America. It has a very erratic flight pattern as it flies up into the air only to drop suddenly as it moves amongst the trees. This jagged flight patterns helps to protect it from would be predators as they often attack at the highest point just as the butterfly drops its wings and falls below the danger zone. Moths and butterflies belong to the classification of Insects called Lepidoptera. Lepidoptera is a latin word which means "scaled wing". When magnified under a microscope the scales of the wing structure are easy to see. For this series of paintings I did the background by looking under a microscope and drew the individual wing pattern and structure in pencil while placing the colorful butterfly on the surface in watercolor.

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